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  Industrial Investment:-


Sudan has a very unique geographical location and an area of  about one million square miles. Bordering nine African countries, and also distinguished by its fertile land, heavy rains and the availability of water resources River Nile, Blue Nile, White Nile, Bahr Al- Arab and underground water.

Sudanese land is rich in mineral resources and oil (metal, silver, petrol, natural gazes,. etc).

Sudan is a member of many international and regional agreements i.e.   COMESA and Arab Trade Organization

There are many free zones areas at Port Sudan and Algeli towns.

The telecommunication network and the seaports Basheir, Osman Digna, Swakin at the Red Sea Bank.


Industrial Investment in Sudan:-

Investment climate is defined as the total of political, economic, social, legal and administrative conditions that affects directly and indirectly the development of investment.


Salient factors that make Sudan attractive for investors:-

-   Strategic location in the heart of Africa

-    Natural resources

-   Abundant human resources

-   Positive economic transformation

-   Political stability

-   Membership of international and regional agreements

-   Encouraging investment Legislations


Strategic Location:-

Sudan is a vast country with an area of about one million square miles and lies between 5-25 North of the Equator. The country is vested with abundant natural resources an excellent geographic location with variegated climates from South to the North. This resources form the basis for industrial development, over and above the Sudan enjoys the third largest industrial basis in Africa after South Africa and Egypt. Although the utilize capacities are low ranged between   20-25 %.

The installed capacities are higher than the national needs thereby considerable surplus for exports to neighboring countries if full capacities can be exploited example of existing manufacturing industries are , sugar, flourmill, edible oil, soaps,  detergents, shoes industry and dry batteries…etc.


Natural Resources:-

Sudan national resources are as follows:-

1.      Agricultural resources.

2.      Animal resources.

3.      Fisheries resources.

4.      Forests resources.

5.      Mineral resources.

6.      Human resources.

In addition to the widely extended land and water resources.


Agricultural Sector:-

Agricultural sector a leading sector that activate to the manufacturing industries in the country. Agricultural crops provide the industrial sector with a high ratio of its inputs.

In the year, 99/2000 the agricultural licenses is estimated at (404) thousand Fadden. Its production and produced  about 147 metric tons.

The cultivated areas in cotton is amounted to 404 thousand

Sudan is distinguish by the highly production of oil seeds particularly vegetable oil.


Animal Resources:-

This sector contributes effectively to the GNP and GDP. Growth rate in the animal wealth is estimated at (103) million compared with 59 million heads in the year 90-91. Being the main of red meats and their products.

Also animal hides and skins are being used as inputs in the manufacturing of leather and leather products


Fishes resources:-

Sudan fish resources is estimated at 56 thousand tons per year, the main fishing areas are Malakal, Gabal Aawlia, Wadi Halfa in addition to the Sea products at the Sea Sea.


Forest Recourses:-

Forestry is one of the important natural resources. And its products form an important input for manufacturing import substitutes and export oriented products. Sudan has a rich forestry and the main include teek, mahogany, Seder, ebony and acacia syal, acacia Senegal, eucalyptus   …etc. Wood can be used in the following: building poles, and telephone poles …etc.


Mineral Resources:-

The geology of Sudan indicates one of the richest countries in mineral resources. The following mineral ores have been discovered all over the country: iron, cooper, chrome, manganese, gold, silicon, in addition to lime stone, marble, gypsum, mica, talk, natural gas. Over and above, the country is endowed natural resources and a lot of training institutions which assist in developing these resources

Human Resources:-

Besides the natural resources , Sudan has a large number of human resources. And there are many achdemic establishments and centers to develop manpower.


Legislations and regulations:-

The investment encouragement law of 1999 amended 2000 is considered as one of the most comprehensive laws in the area. Because it has encompassed  .. of the previous investment encouragement laws in the agricultural, animal, manufacturing, energy and mining, transport , communication, tourism , environment , storing, real states contracting , basic infrastructure , administrative services , education services health, water , culture and information.


The main privileges of the investment encouragement law:-

-         These federal law that supersedes over all the other laws

-         It has enough .. against unnatural risks ,Knowing that Sudan is a member in the Arab and international guarantee organizations 

-         The law trust the local and foreign investors equally in rights and duties and granting concessions and incentives.

-         Article No. 1 of the law gives full custom exemption for capital goods and article No. 2/10 gives the strategic projects tax holidays  for business profit and from 5-10 years and for non strategic projects 5 years renewable for another 5 years.

-         The accession of Sudan to COMESA aimed at developing trade and remove custom berries. This gives investors the chance to promote their production and exchange rate with COMESA countries in accordance with the general regulation laws.


Investment opportunities in Sudan:-

All the above avail the following investment opportunities:


Food Industries:-

-         Production processing of and preserving of meat and meat products

-         Manufacture of dairy products

-         Processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables

-         Processing and preserving of fish and fish products

-         Manufacturing of  starches and starch products

-         Manufacturing of bakery products

-         Manufacturing of cocoa , chocolate  and sugar confectionery

-         Manufacturing of other food products

-         Manufacturing of animal feeds.


Textile and leather Industry:-

-         Preparation and spinning of textile fabrics , weaving of textile

-         Finishing of textile

-         Manufacturing of knitted and chocolate  fabrics and articles

-         Manufacturing carpets and rugs

-         Manufacturing of cordage, rope, twine and netting


Manufacturing of Wood and wood products:-

-         Manufacturing of wooden containers

-         Manufacturing of furniture

-         Manufacturing small products of wood

-         Manufacturing of forced paper utensils and other house utensils


Manufacturing of paper, publishing and printing:-

-         Manufacture of pulp and paper board.

-         Manufacture of other article of paper and paper board

-         Manufacture of containers of paper and paper board


Manufacture of Petrochemicals:-

-         Manufacture of rubber tires and tubes

-         Retreating and rebuilding of rubber tires

-           other rubber products

-         Cutting shaping and finishing of stones

-         Manufacture of molasses

-         Refining of petrol

-         Manufacture of caustic soda

-         Manufacture of pesticides

-         Refractory clay products

-         Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster


Manufacture of basic Metals:-

-         Manufacture of basic iron and steel

-         Casting of iron and steel


Manufacture of Fabricated Metal, Machinery and Equipments:-

-         Manufacture of hand tools, Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery

-         Manufacture of special purpose machinery

-         Manufacture of containers

-         Manufacturing of furniture

-         Manufacturing of lamps and lightening equipments

-         Manufacturing of medical and surgical  equipments and other appliances

-         Manufacturing of metallic products for construction

-         Manufacturing of tanks, reservoirs and containers 

-         Building and repairing of ships and boats

-         Manufacturing of office accounting and computing machinery

-         Manufacturing

-         Manufacturing of electric equipments and house ware

-         Manufacturing of insulated wire and caplets

-         Manufacturing  of engines and turbines 

-         Manufacturing of motorcycles

-         Manufacturing of bicycles

-         Manufacturing of invalid carriages

-         Manufacturing of sport goods

-         Manufacturing of sewing machines needles

-         Manufacturing of children carts

-         Manufacturing of toys

-         Manufacturing of  pencils


Packing Industry:-

-         Plastic Sacks

-         Plastic containers

-         Plastic barrels

-         Manufacturing of paperboard












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